Banyan Bay Studio grew out of a love of wood and jewelry. As woodturners and metalsmiths, we have made custom components for jewelry artists for several years. Every piece is hand made ā€“ sculpted using a wood lathe, chisels, and boring tools. Many of our materials are non-traditional for jewelry making including exotic woods, laminated woods, resins, antler and horn, and organic fibers.

Our laminated woods are the most popular component we offer. These woods are comprised of strips of birch veneer that has been pressure dyed a color. These dyed veneer pieces are then laminated together in a pattern or as a solid color. Once the laminate is dried and set, it is ready for the lathe.

Because we hand make each piece one at a time, we are able to create custom pieces of nearly any size or shape. When your project requires specialized components, just give us a call to have pieces made to your specifications.

Wholesale inquiries welcome

We can be reached by phone or email:
(305) 495-2716

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