Components Anyone?

Our amazing friend, polymer artist, teacher and fellow conspirator, Lynn Yuhr  of The Flying Squirrel Studio has really started something!  Lynn’s class with  Cynthia Tinapple polymer clay daily was just the beginning. She returned from that class at  Creative Journey Studios  bursting with designs and possibilities for wood and polymer.  So the  planning, creating  and collaboration began in earnest.

We are very excited to introduce our new line of components -customizable components. img_8998These components are made with the polymer clay artist, beading artist and resin artist in mind. Each peace is made of beautiful exotic woods, made to be a canvas for the jewelry artists’ inspirations. To see more styles and inpirations visit us at Banyan Bay Studio.

Components Remix

Banyan Bay Studio began with the question, “do you sell just the end caps and toggles?” At first, I was a little offended, I had worked very hard on creating a  beautiful neck piece and what the customer wanted was the findings. Before I knew it, what was coming out of my mouth was,” yes of course we do”. I gave her my card and she thanked me and said she would call with an order. Even though nothing came of that, the question was still asked and a seed was planted.  Continuing to sell at art shows the question would surface here and there and the answer was “always yes we do”.  It wasn’t until my local jewelry guild, South Florida Jewelry Arts Guild (SFJAG for short), invited the wonderful Brenda Schewder to teach. I excitedly took her classes and made wonderful steel jewelry. During the class, I wore one of my necklaces and she loved it. The question resurfaced again and again the answimg_9280er was yes! This time she invited us to be collaborators in her book Collaborate: Friends in the Making  We are on pages 110-115. Then Brenda encouraged us to apply as vendors to Bead and Button and the rest is history! Thank you Brenda!!!!

Fast forward to 2016 and the question surfaces again, this time with a twist. Polymer clay artist, teacher, good family friend, and fellow instigator Lynn Yuhr excitedly said that she was taking a class from Cynthia Tinapple at Creative Journey Studios and could we make something out of wood that she could practice with and take to class? Again the answer was “YES, absolutely!” img_0077 So now component remix begins. Pictured are our Ebony wood amphora shaped component that Lynn has expertly customized with polymer clay. You can check out more of Lynn’s pieces and adventures at theflyingsquirrelstudio.  You will be very glad you did!

Please stay tuned for our roll out of the customizable components.

Until next time- Happy Creating!